Objective One

Participants will demonstrate increased academic achievement in reading and mathematics.

  • Performance Indicator 1.1-1: Regular attendees will score basic or better in reading and math on state assessments.
  • Performance Indicator 1.1-2: Regular attendees will increase reading and math report card grades from 1st to 4th nine weeks.
  • Performance Indicator 1.1-3: Regular attendees will increase pre-to-post F.A.S.T. test scores in reading and math.

Objective Two

Participants will demonstrate improved homework completion and class participation in other subject areas such as technology, arts, music, theater, and sports.

  • Performance Indicator 2.1-1: Regular attendees will have 5 or fewer absences from school.
  • Performance Indicator 2.1-2: Regular attendees will demonstrate positive changes in attitude toward school.

Objective Three

Participants will demonstrate positive behavioral changes.

  • Performance Indicator 3: Regular attendees will promote to the next grade level.

Objective Four

FDDOC Winners' Circle will provide services that benefit the entire community by including families of participants and collaborating with other agencies and non-profit organizations.

  • Performance Indicator 4: Parents of regular attendees will rate the program as improving their child's grades and behavior and with supporting them with after school supervision.

Objective Five and Six

FDDOC Winners' Circle will use funding efficiently by coordinating and collaborating with other Federal and state funding sources, agencies and other community projects to supplement and not supplant funds, to eventually become self-sustaining.

  • Performance Indicator 5: FDDOC Winners' Circle will provide detailed sustainability plans.
  • Performance Indicator 6: 100% of compliance indicators will be reached in state monitoring.