Positive Results!

FDDOC Winners' Circle after-school programs are evaluated by an independent evaluator annually to determine the effects on student achievement, attendance, report card grades, attitudes, and overall program quality. Each objective is measured to determine if goals were met, as well as how to build and improve the programs. The students, parents, staff, and school administrators are involved in the evaluation process to determine how satisfied they are with the services.

In 2015-2016, the group of schools served by FDDOC through the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant included: Atkins, Mooretown, Summer Grove, and Sunset Acres elementary schools and Broadmoor and Sunset Acres middle schools. Over 795 students from these schools participated in an after-school program from September through May. The evaluations concluded that there were many positive associations between FDDOC Winners' Circle and Caddo Public School students who attended an after-school program 30 or more days. Complete evaluations are submitted to the Louisiana Department of Education for review.

Positive Association with Report Card Grades:

  • 26% of the students from Atkins, Broadmoor, Mooretown, Summer Grove, and Sunset Acres who attended the program for 30 days or more increased their reading report card grade 5 or more points from the first nine weeks to the fourth nine weeks; and 31% increased their math report card grade 5 or more points.

Positive Association with Attendance and Behavior:

  • 68% of the 30-day or more attendees from Atkins, Broadmoor, Mooretown, Summer Grove, and Sunset Acres had 5 or less absences from school for the 2015-2016 school year. Survey results indicated that students had positive attitudes toward school, thus leading to a desire to exhibit positive behavior.

Positive Association with Improved Attitudes toward School and the Program:

  • 96% of the parents surveyed from Atkins, Broadmoor, Mooretown, Summer Grove, and Sunset Acres believed that the program improved their child's behavior, while more than 83% indicated that the program led to improvement in their child's academic improvement. Additionally, more than 97% reported that the program supported them with after-school supervision of their children. 93% of parents indicated they were satisfied with the after-school program which exceeds the national average of 89% as reported by America After 3pm, an in-depth study of how America's children spend their afternoons.

Positive Association with other Federal and State Funding Sources, Agencies and Community Projects:

  • Winners' Circle staff members regularly collaborate with other 21st Century Community Learning Center partners locally and around the state. Sal Miletello, founder of FDDOC Winners' Circle, has been named a recipient of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Angel Award for which he received $20,000. Mr. Miletello donated this entire amount to the community by providing school uniforms for students at all of the after-school program sites.

Overall evaluation findings show that the after-school programs are benefitting the students, schools, families and community in Shreveport, Louisiana. Grades and attendance have increased and negative behaviors have decreased because of positive, caring and supportive after-school programs in Caddo School District. Our goal is to continue supporting our schools, district and community by offering high-quality after school opportunities for deserving Caddo students!

March 6, 2020

What started as volunteer work in his local church became the foundation of a plan to develop the children in his community when Sal Miletello realized educating youth breaks the cycle of poverty and family dysfunction.

To better reach children, Sal began partnerships with schools to enhance, enlighten and enrich the lives of students. Founding Fully Devoted Developer of Children (FDDOC) Winners� Circle, Inc. enabled him to achieve his dream.

A Success Story!

In 2003, Oak Park Elementary School was deemed an Academically Unacceptable School by the Louisiana Department of Education.

FDDOC Winners' Circle became a part of the solution to improve student achievement when it placed an after-school program at this school.

Since 2005, FDDOC Winners' Circle has provided high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities after school and during the summer months for over 425 students each year!

In 2008-2009, Oak Park received an Exemplary Academic Growth label and was declared a Blue Ribbon School!

We are proud to be a part of Oak Park Elementary School's Success Story!